Affirmations by Peter Metzner

When confident, we  have the expectation of a positive outcome.  Tony Robins once said that “the mind sees what the heart feels”   The Fielding Institute found that “whether we know it or not we steer the ship of our experiences based on the prevailing beliefs of who we are and what is real.  So believing is seeing – not the other way around!    Much of  our self talk, beliefs about ourselves and how we act and how others treat us is a reflection about how we feel about ourselves.  We mistakenly think it is the other person who makes us feel the way we do or our situation etc…  As Psychologist Eric Berne found ” We act in ways to make people behave in order to justify how we feel about them”.

If we feel (even if it is unconscious and we are not aware of it) unlovable, undeserving not good enough, smart enough, capable etc we will set up the condition’s to mirror these beliefs.    We make up a story that: you can’t trust people, the economy is lousy, better play it safe etc.

Since the brain can’t distinguish between what is real or imagined (Waitley) affirmations help in moving us forward.

They can be used for business success, relationships, health athletic performance, creativity and other areas of life.

If we say something over and over again our mind will eventually believe it.  When  we were young we took our parents or teachers or others judgments of us to be true.   So letting go of these self limiting  beliefs can be done and affirmations is one way to do so. This video link shows one young lady who at an early age understands empowerment they bring.


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